Episode 3

Bastard Operator From Hell Genesis #3

So the second engineer rolls up, but the FedEx man has been and gone, so he misses out altogether.
This guy's a techno, (you can tell by the tie) but he's smart (no grazes), so I'm going to have to be wary.
"What's the problem?" he asks, in a business-like manner.
"It's the Model Three" I say (what the hell, it worked before)
"What the f*ck's a model three?" he asks confused.
He could be just testing me, but I decide to come clean. He doesn't notice so I just walk funny for a couple of minutes and then show him the terminal that I'd poured the iron filings into.
"It just went dead!" I say (having previously vacuumed the iron filings up, of course)
So anyway, he gets to work opening the cover and making board replacement noises. I decide to help and point out a fuse that's blown on the power supply board.
"Oh, I haven't got the parts for that - I've only got a replacement board." he says in a confused manner. "Which one was the fuse again?"
I point it out to him.
"Wow! And what does it do again? You know, I've been working at the same place for 6 years, and I've never seen one of those fuse thingys. It's amazing what you learn isn't it?!"
"What are you again?" I ask, already suspecting the answer
"Chief Engineer"
Thought so.
"Say, do you know anything about waffle irons?"
"A little..."