Kitchen Remodel


This is the first entry on this project so it will be large, the following entries should be shorter as they will be updates.

In September of 2012 we had a flood in our kitchen which was caused by our sewer line under the house being damaged. Long story short, we had to cut through the kitchen and living room floors and kitchen cabinets to replace the damaged pipe. We engaged the insurance company who tried to have us fix the problem in a way that was not to code. After fighting with them, we hired a public adjuster to fight for us. I highly recommend using one of these professionals when dealing with your home owners insurance. They do everything on contingency, if they don't think you have a good case they will tell you because they won't make any money themselves. The plan that is in motion is to replace all our laminate flooring and the tile in the kitchen with new tile. We are replacing the kitchen ith an Ikea kitchen. All of which we plan to do ourselves.

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Ok, so what happened between the first batch of pictures in February and these in June? Lots of phone calls, emails, faxes and the like. Once we were done with the insurance company then we had to deal with the mortgage company, and are they slow..... they also lose things you send them and don't read very well either. Eventually we were able to get some of the insurance money back out of them to start moving on things.

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